Close the Gap in Your Smile
By Eagle Creek Dentistry
March 14, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

How a dental implant from your dentist in Naples can help you smile againdental implants

If you have a gap in your smile, chances are you are self-conscious about it. You are worried people notice the gap instead of your smile. It’s time to get your confidence back by closing the gap with a dental implant! Dr. JW Valentine at Eagle Creek Dentistry in Naples, FL wants to share how a dental implant can help you want to smile again.

You may have experienced tooth loss or have a gap between your teeth from genetics. Whatever the reason for your gap, a dental implant can give you a full smile again. You may have thought about a dental bridge, a partial, or even a denture if you are missing multiple teeth. There are many reasons why a dental implant is a better choice. Consider that a dental implant is:

  • Completely natural looking, because the dental implant crown is made of high-grade dental ceramic that reflects light, just like natural tooth structure
  • Fully embedded in bone, so it won’t move around when you eat or speak, unlike dental appliances
  • Easy to keep healthy, because you brush and floss an implant just like your natural teeth; there is no need for cumbersome flossing tools or soaking like you would with bridges and dental appliances
  • Conservative, because only the implant area is prepared; with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the space need to be restored to support the bridge

If you want to close a gap in your smile, there is no better choice than a dental implant because a dental implant is the most successful surgical implant. Dental implants boast a success rate of over a 95%, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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You deserve a complete smile without the gaps, so it’s time for you to investigate dental implants. Pick up the phone and call Dr. Valentine at Eagle Creek Dentistry in Naples, FL today!


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