Do I Need a Mouthguard?
By Eagle Creek Dentistry
September 21, 2018
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MouthgaurdMouthguards are beneficial for children and adults who participate in sports and other athletic activities. They protect the teeth from being accidentally loosened or knocked out due to a sports-related dental injury. Mouthguards can also protect the teeth in cases of bruxism, which is a condition in which individuals regularly clench or grind the teeth, especially when sleeping. Whether for protection during sports or from bruxism, Dr. JW Valentine of Eagle Creek Dentistry is your dentist in Naples, FL, for protective mouthguards.

Protection During Sports

It is not uncommon for children and adults alike to sustain dental injuries while playing sports or participating in various athletic activities. Sustaining an injury to the jaw or mouth can result in a loose tooth, as well as a tooth being completely knocked out. Mouthguards are worn over the top and bottom rows of teeth. When worn properly and consistently, mouthguards protect the teeth from injury and prevent them from being knocked loose or completely out.

Protection From Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition in which an individual regularly clenches or grinds the teeth. Teeth clenching and grinding most often occurs at night when the individual is sleeping so he or she is not even aware of it. Chronic bruxism wears down the teeth and can cause tooth pain, headaches and a sore jaw. Wearing a mouthguard at night can protect the teeth from constant grinding and clenching.

Types of Mouthguards

Three types of mouthguards are available for both children and adults. Your Naples, FL, dentist can recommend the appropriate type based on your preferences and needs. The three types of mouthguards include:

  • Off-the-Shelf — This type of mouthguard is pre-made in a range of standard sizes. Off-the-shelf mouthguards cannot be customized for a better fit and are held in place by clenching the teeth together. This type of mouthguard can be somewhat uncomfortable for some people.
  • Boil and Bite — Boil and bite mouthguards can be somewhat molded to the teeth for a more secure fit than off-the-shelf types. Boil and bite mouthguards are placed in hot water to soften them so they can be molded to the teeth.
  • Custom — Custom mouthguards are fabricated specifically for you from a mold of your teeth for a perfect fit. This type of mouthguard provides the most protection since it is made to perfectly fit your teeth.

Mouthguards provide protection during sports and athletic activities. They can also protect teeth from being worn down due to chronic teeth clenching or grinding due to bruxism. A dentist can help you select the right type of mouthguard for your needs. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Valentine, your Naples, FL, dentist, call Eagle Creek Dentistry at (239) 417-6453.


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