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By Eagle Creek Dentistry
November 10, 2017
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Even healthy teeth are vulnerable to wear and tear or accidents that can diminish the quality of your smile. From progressive staining and cosmetic dentistrydiscolorations, minor chips and cracks, to more significant issues like missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry can play an important role in the aesthetic quality of your smile as well as your oral health. Dr. JW Valentine, a dentist in Naples, FL, offers a range of dentistry services to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best.

Get a Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry in Naples, FL

Getting your own personal version of a perfect smile has never been easier or more affordable. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like porcelain veneers can change the size, shape, and color of damaged teeth in as little as a single trip to the dentist. Many people live with dental problems for years for a number of reasons, but it is never too late or too early to invest in your smile. Some of the most common cosmetic dental services include:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns and Bridgework
  • Dental Implants
  • Inlays and Onlays

In many cases, cosmetic and restorative dentistry overlap. If you are missing teeth for example, not only can it ruin your smile, it can also affect your oral and even general health. But you don't have to suffer from an oral health problem like tooth loss, decay, or gum disease to invest in a better smile. Common cosmetic issues like stains from smoking or drinking coffee, spacing, or uneven teeth can take a toll on your self esteem and quality of life. A professional teeth whitening procedure or dental veneers may be all that is standing in the way of your best smile.

Find a Cosmetic Dentist in Naples, FL

A beautiful and confident smile begins with healthy teeth and gums. To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry procedure that is right for you, contact our office by calling (239) 417-6453 to schedule an appointment today.


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