Are Crowns Right for My Dental Problems?
By Eagle Creek Dentistry
July 12, 2018
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Dental Crowns

Your dentist is the best source of information you have on dental procedures, how they work, and which treatments can help your smile. However, having an idea of what procedure you may need and what you can expect can help you feel confident in your dental treatment. Dental crowns can achieve many dental tasks. Find out more about dental crowns and how they may help you with Dr. JW Valentine at Eagle Creek Dentistry in Naples, FL.

Do I need a dental crown? 
Dental crowns can benefit patients in any number of situations. The most common use for a dental crown is after a procedure like a root canal which leaves behind a large filling. Crowns can also work with other restorations like bridges by acting as an anchor to hold them in place. Crowns change the appearance of a tooth, meaning that they can also perform purely cosmetic tasks like improving the appearance of a misshapen or heavily discolored tooth. Additionally, crowns can give new life to a broken or damaged tooth, protecting it from future damage.

What can I expect during a crowning procedure? 
A dental laboratory designs and creates the dental crown from a clay impression of your mouth, taken at an appointment with your dentist. Prior to taking the impression, your dentist will prepare your tooth to receive the crown to ensure that the impression gives an accurate representation of your smile. This helps the crown fit seamlessly into your smile. The laboratory process takes about two weeks, after which you will once again meet with your dentist. At your second appointment, your dentist removes any temporary restorations and places the final porcelain crown onto the tooth. The bonding process ends with any last-minute tweaks or final touches.

Dental Crowns in Naples, FL
If you think you can benefit from a dental crown, a consultation with your dentist will help you determine that this procedure is right for your teeth. In some cases, other treatments may better suit your needs and provide results closer to your wishes. For more information on dental crowns or how they can help your smile, please contact Dr. Valentine at Eagle Creek Dentistry in Naples, FL. Call (239) 417-6453 to schedule your appointment today!


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